A simple fix for an “offline” printer

I had a call from a customer today. Their issue was a network printer showing “offline”. They tried restarting the computer and printer before calling me.

Other computers on the network were able to print to this printer.
I verified the IP address from another working configuration.

I should note the OS is Windows 7.

I first tried disabling “SNMP Status Enabled” from the Port Settings under the TCP/IP port configuration of the printer. This brought the printer back online but still unable to print.

I removed the printer configuration from the computer. After keying in the IP address to add the printer back it would not “find” the printer..

After a cup of coffee, I finally thought to disable McAfee Firewall. After again typing the IP in the add printer wizard, the computer was able to establish the connection needed to install the printer.

I left the McAfee Firewall disabled.

Final thoughts.. Get your cup of coffee first, then check the firewall before banging your head against the wall for a simple issue such as this..

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